The new Wacky Wednesday Report 2015

The new Wacky Wednesday Report will be the place to find wacky, weird, or crazy things that have happened in the peloton for the past week.

In this week's Wacky Wednesday Report we find Tinkoff-Saxo rider Jesper Hanson in a Car vs Rider crash. After a mid race crash Hansen got back on his bike to continue his race. Just as he gets up to speed and start his chase back to the peloton the race Doctor's car passes him and stops. Hansen in chase mode swings around the right side of the car just as the Doctor pushes the door open. The door slams into Hansen's shoulder knocking him to the ground. The disturbing part is when the Doctor looks at Hansen on the ground and leaves to attend to another racer involved in the original crash.

Watch the YouTube video and be prepared to be shocked:

Doctor's car vs Rider Stage 2 Tour of Romandie 2015


Check in again next week as we find more Wacky Wednesday News.