Sunday, April 30, 2017

Can I borrow your motor?

That was a nasty crash and it's put me behind so can you give me a short pull back on to the front? Itailian Vincenzo Nibai of Team Astana decides to take a pull from his team car at 40km/h while being on live video.

After officials discover the video and decide to expell Nibali from the Vuelta all he could say is everyone "else is doing it". Well yes but not so blatently and surely no such a long pull and at that speed!

 "We have been informed by the decision of the technical judge," Javier Guillen, director general of the Vuelta, told reporters. "The act carried out by the rider is bad for cycling, for the rider, for the Vuelta and its image, because we lose one of the favorites."

"We have spoken with the judges and their decision was clear to disqualify Nibali," said Astana sport director Stefano Zanini. "We asked for leniency, asking for a time sanction but not to disqualify him... The judges decided that an action of this type creates a precedent for other riders."

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