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Increased Support Provides Additional Opportunities for U23 Athletes

Greenville, SC —The Hincapie Development Team presented by Holowesko Partners (Hincapie Devo) is proud to announce the expansion of the team for 2011. Hincapie Sportswear has teamed with Holowesko Partners to grow the program to a new level that will provide more opportunities for the U23 cycling team members this season.

The Hincapie Development Team p/b Holowesko Partners will consist of nine 18-23 year old development riders and nine mentor/elite riders. The Team is focused on promoting the sport of cycling through an experienced-rider mentoring program that allows U23/Junior riders to race and train with experienced Pro/Elite cyclists. The mentors and coaches will provide guidance in every aspect of the sport, including training techniques, racing strategy, nutrition and sports psychology. Riders will also be supported with some of the best racing equipment in the world, including BMC bicycles.

“We have been growing the sport and developing young talent through our Hincapie Devo Team for many years,” said Rich Hincapie, Team Leader and president of Hincapie Sportswear. “We’re very pleased to welcome Holowesko Partners to our program for 2011. With their generous support, we can provide more opportunities for our riders and really help them progress to the next level of the sport. My brother, George, and I understand how far you can go in this sport when you have quality opportunities, and we’re proud to provide support to these talented young cyclists.”

Certified Athletic Trainer and USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, Steve Carpenter will join the Hincapie Devo Team serving as Team Director for the 2011 season. Under his direction, the team will participate in various sanctioned USA Cycling events throughout the year. Carpenter helped start the Hincapie Devo team several years ago and he’s looking forward to being involved again. “I’m proud to be involved with such a first-class development program,” said Carpenter. “We have all had visions of what this program could be, and with our new sponsor support, we are in a position to take the team to the next level. We’ve had great success graduating riders to the top professional level and that trend is sure to continue with our increased resources. I truly believe that we have one of the best development programs in the country.”

2011 U23 Development Riders

  • Alder Martz: U23 Cat 1, Charlotte, NC
  • Mike Stone: U23 Cat 1, Monroe, GA
  • Tyler Karnes: U23 Cat 1, Chesapeake, VA
  • Blair Turner: U23 Cat 2, Waxhaw, NC
  • Justin Lowe: U23 Cat 2, Greenville, SC
  • Parker Kyzer: U23 Cat 2, Spartanburg, SC
  • Isaac Enderline: U23 Cat 2, Cary, NC
  • Matt Lipscomb: Junior Cat 2, Decatur, GA
  • Will Richter: Junior Cat 2, Rock Hill, SC

2011 Key Staff and Mentors

  • George Hincapie
  • Rich Hincapie: Hincapie Sportswear President, Cat 1, Greenville, SC
  • Steve Carpenter: Team Director, Cat 1, Chattanooga, TN
  • Steve Baker: Team Manager, Cat 3, Greenville, SC
  • Kirk Flinte: Team Interactive Manager, Cat 3, Greenville, SC

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