Tinkoff-Saxo’s team captain Alberto Contador succeeded in what he set out to do: to win the 98th edition of Giro d’Italia! After 21 days of flat-out racing, in what many regard as the hardest Giro in recent times, Tinkoff-Saxo and Alberto Contador can celebrate the overall victory after a grand team effort. “This is a special win”, says Contador.


Crossing the line safely in Milan after a couple of hectic laps, Alberto Contador could finally receive the pink jersey that matters the most. Few moments later he lifted the iconic spiraling trophy with his name now engraved and added his name in the Grand Tour history once again. Turning his attention to the waiting press, the overall winner says:


“I thank the people of Italy for their affection. Everyone has been very special with me and I am very happy. During the three hard weeks of the Giro, everything imaginable has happened: I came here thinking about victory having prepared very carefully, but then I had my crash and a shoulder injury”, comments Alberto Contador and adds:

“There was the mythical climb of the Mortirolo, but then yesterday on the Colle delle Finestre I had bad legs. It has been a beautiful Giro, and a very special experience for me. I don't know how long it will take to recover. I'm tired, and I know it will take time. It has been an emotional Giro for me. I've said it will be my last, but you never know. As we say in Spanish; never say never”.


Taking extra precautions on the final lap in Milan, Alberto Contador crossed the line and claimed overall victory by a margin of 1’53” to Fabio Aru and 3’05” to Mikel Landa. Across the line, waiting for his champion, stood Tinkoff-Saxo Team Owner Oleg Tinkov, who congratulated his squad.

“When I build my team, Tinkoff Credit Systems, back in 2007, I had the Giro in mind. I live in Italy much of the year and I love this country. And now we’ve won the entire Giro d’Italia with Alberto. It was very hard and I want to congratulate all the guys for their effort during this race, which has definitely not been easy. They have sacrificed themselves for Alberto and guys like Rogers and Kreuziger put their own ambitions aside to support the captain”, says Oleg Tinkov, who adds:

“I’m very happy for Alberto and it’s a very great moment. Right now, we are the best and we’ve been very good here in May. Now we will celebrate and then turn our attention towards July to make sure that we will also be the best in Tour de France”.

Tinkoff-Saxo’s Head Sports Director Steven de Jongh is not slow to point out the defining moments of Tinkoff-Saxo’s Giro d’Italia.

“If you ask me, there are four defining moments of this Giro d’Italia. The moment, where Tosatto gave his wheel to Alberto after the crash on stage 13 and the moment, where Ivan gave his wheel before Mortirolo. These are two examples that show the teamwork and carefully planned routines. Then there is Alberto’s performance on the time trial and finally his ride up Mortirolo”, notes Steven de Jongh, who adds about the general performance during the 21 tiring stages.

“Today the guys had a nice day at the front of the peloton, which is where they’ve been during the last 21 stages to secure Alberto’s win. To the boys I want to say ‘Chapeau’. I am really proud of them. Whatever I said to them, they executed the strategy on the road and it has simply been a pleasure to work with them. It has been a very, very hard Giro and with Alberto’s crash and injury it wasn’t made easier. Alberto is a great champion!”, finishes Steven de Jongh.