Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stage 8 of the 2017 Tour de France runs 187.5kms into the Jura region of France, starting in Dole and ending at Station des Rousses. 

This region is known as being mountainous, and today is no exception with three categorized climbs en route:

  • Km 101.5- Col de la Joux       6.1kms at 4.7% - category 3
  • Km 138.5- Côte de Viry        7.6kms at 5.2% - category 2
  • Km 175.5- Côte de la Combe de Laisia-Les Molunes    11.7kms at 6.4% - category 1

The final climb also happens to summit 11kms from the finish, so if someone gets dropped on the climb, a few risks on the descent will allow riders to still be in contention at the conclusion. 

Before the hills start, the intermediate sprint is in Montrond at 45.5kms.  The sprinters will likely contest for any points the day’s breakaway doesn’t gobble up, but by the end, these same sprinters will likely be in the gruppetto.  Depending on the composition of that break, however, it might be a good day for them to stay off the front, especially with the difficult stage that awaits the riders on Sunday. 

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