Wednesday, April 26, 2017

USA Pro Challenge Stage 3 Copper Mtn to Aspenuspcc 2015 stage3 map final

August 19, 2015  10:55 AM

Start time: 10:55 am; Approximate finish: 3:04-4:44 pm

Another new twist on an old favorite, but this time it is the opening that changes. Copper Mountain plays host to its first ever Pro Challenge stage and sends off Stage 3 in style. While familiar terrain and faces await the race on Independence Pass and Aspen.

No rest for the weary this day as the climbing starts right away with the ascent of Freemont Pass. Then onto the gorgeous shores of Turquoise Lake and a quick sprint through Leadville. But that is just the appetizer, the main course awaits on the upper slopes of Independence Pass and then down its breathtaking descent into Aspen where some of the most memorable moments in Pro Challenge history have played out.

PS- Over half of Stage 3 race mileage takes place above 10,000’. Bring your lungs.

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