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USCR's Tom Baker Book Review

Shoulder to Shoulder - Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil

Book Review by Tom Baker

Dust Cover Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder Bicycle Racing in the Age of Anquetil is a coffee table book that presents more than 100 photographs from the time of Jacques Anquetil’s racing career. These photographs are from the extensive collection of images now owned by Shelly and Brett Horton, and were chosen because they are representative of the racers, races and drama of the time.

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The Bakers Rack at Interbike 2015

Highlights of Interbike 2015

Photos and Text by Tom Baker

Interbike rolled into Las Vegas again in 2015. Many of the exhibitors had recently been at Eurobike, so it was common to hear comparisons given. While Interbike covers less square footage than Eurobike, what it lacks in size is more than made up for in enthusiasm. Large crowds of exhibitors, IBD shops and everyone even remotely related to bicycles was present. Interbike remains the place in the Americas to see the latest new products and meet the people who make the bicycle industry what it is. Many agree, however, that Las Vegas is not a great place to have the show.

One of the events at Interbike is the awards banquet where manufacturers and riders receive awards in various categories, such as best mountain bike of the year (Pivot Cycles), or best pro cyclist of the year (Chris Froome). Notably this year three members of the cast of Breaking Away, Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid and Jackie Earle Haley, were on hand to present some awards. The crowd loved seeing them and telling them how much the film meant to them.

Breaking Away Cast Ibike 2015

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Wacky Wednesday Report 8/12/2015

The Wacky Wednesday Report for August 12th 2015

This week we have an article about motors and bikes but not motors in Racing bikes, real motors in consumer bikes folks.

Motorbike Tee Blue Detail

Bicycles don't have motors

Lindarets releases Motorbike Tee in support of human-powered trail access

The distinction between motorized and non-motorized recreation should be clear, but there are those within our own industry who seek to have motor-assist cycles defined as bicycles for the purposes of trail access.

And that’s scary.

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Wacky Wednesday Report 8/26/2015

Can I borrow your motor?

That was a nasty crash and it's put me behind so can you give me a short pull back on to the front? Itailian Vincenzo Nibai of Team Astana decides to take a pull from his team car at 40km/h while being on live video.

After officials discover the video and decide to expell Nibali from the Vuelta all he could say is everyone "else is doing it". Well yes but not so blatently and surely no such a long pull and at that speed!

 "We have been informed by the decision of the technical judge," Javier Guillen, director general of the Vuelta, told reporters. "The act carried out by the rider is bad for cycling, for the rider, for the Vuelta and its image, because we lose one of the favorites."

"We have spoken with the judges and their decision was clear to disqualify Nibali," said Astana sport director Stefano Zanini. "We asked for leniency, asking for a time sanction but not to disqualify him... The judges decided that an action of this type creates a precedent for other riders."

Wacky Wednesday Report 7/15/2015

Who let the Cows out?

Welcome to the Wacky Wednesday Report.

Today we find cows on the descent of Tour de France stage 11. Riders and Motos had to navigate around cows at high speeds of up to 80-90k.cow

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