Providence Cyclocross Festival

-Written by Jeremy Durrin

USCR is pleased to once again share with our readers the personal blog of cyclocross rider Jeremy Durrin.

I never did a Gloucester race report. Because I did terrible and don't want to talk about it. It was one of those weekends where you think to yourself: “shit, maybe I was only good for a couple races and now I'm going to suck the rest of the season”. But you always have to rally back and get the bad thoughts out of your head. And with Gabby Day doing so well, I couldn’t help but try and put it in the back of my mind and be super happy for her crushing two really tough races!


Jeremy Durrin in the mud


On to Providence. I was definitely nervous coming into this weekend after last weekends dismall results. It felt as if I had forgotten everything I had learned while I was in Belgium, and couldn’t keep myself off the ground. So the week leading up to Providence I spent a lot of time on the cx bike getting back in the groove of riding off cambers, ruts, and mud. It definitely paid off as I felt in tune and good on my bike at providence.

Day one I was staged on the third row and knew I would have my work cut out for me on the super fast and technical course. I managed to get into about 15th position after the first lap, and then after that it was all about hanging on to the group in front of you and making splits. I got tangled up with one rider about half way into the race and got gapped off my group and ended up “dangling” off the back with Jamey Driscoll for the rest of the race. He crushed me on the last lap after riding the stairs so smoothly and putting 5 seconds into me. I then was cruising into the finish content with a top 15 in a C1 UCI race. But in the most non technical part of the course, I hit a rock and fell off the side of the course into a tree. I thought I broke my pinky finger and I crossed the line and went to the med tent.. Turns out I was just being a little baby, as it was fine. Just a little black and blue. Got my first C1 points ever and was happy.


Providence Day1 Durrin


Day 2 I snuck onto the second row for call ups and knew I needed a good start as it was super muddy and slick like an ice rink. People where going to be crashing everywhere and I knew if I rode a smart race, I would do just fine. I got a terrible start and was in about 20th place around the first corner and people where crashing all over the place. Definitely had my work cut out for me. But after riding a flawless first lap, I found myself racing for top ten around some really fast people. I was psyched and feeling good and not making any mistakes. A big change from last weekend at Gloucester. I had a few small problems with my bike, including my skewer coming loose and my wheel popping out….


Providence Day 2 Jeremy Durrin


After riding around for most of the race with Jamey Driscoll again, I knew I could pull of a great result as we were currently racing for 7th place and working well together. That was until a minor spill on his part put a course stake into my rear brake and unclipped it. I then crashed, pitted and had a terrible next lap. I dropped back to 11th place, but was happy with how I was riding. Just some equipment issues to sort out for the next race up in New Gloucester ME.

My girlfriend, Gabby Day, had her last race in the states for a while at Providence. She showed how great she was going on day two when her and Helen put a minute into the rest of the field within one lap! Now she heads to the World Cups in the Czech Republic. I will miss her while she plays pro bike racer in Europe! But that just means I have a very good excuse to go visit her in Belgium this year.


Durrin and Day



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