Sunday, July 23, 2017

Northampton Cyclocross weekend, and the Sausage tent!

Photos courtesy Durrin

Once again, USCR is pleased to share with our readers the ongoing experiences of Jeremy Durrin's cyclocross season.

This weekend has always been one of my favorite race weekends. Since I started racing in the cat 3′s and had good success, this course has always treated me well. This year I was running my sausage tent again to raise funds for the JAM Fund. Always a little stressful to be worrying about something else besides just racing, but I was able to handle it really well with the super help of friends and family! Thanks guys!


Durrin podium


Durrin noho1


Day one I toed the line against some top national guys and the fastest regional guys around. Powers showed up and was ready to throw down! I really wanted to do well and get on the podium with such great talent at my local race. To save you the details and make this brief….. The first 3 laps were relatively chill, next two laps were super crazy fast with Adam Craig going bonkers and fish tailing every corner on the course, followed by one chill lap, then a crash and Lindine and I smashed off the front and then he smashed his head some how and I was solo off the front. Shawn Milne was sitting about 5 seconds behind me and slowly closing with Powers starting to push up to us right within the last lap. Powers then smashed us by just going really really fast, and then I passed Milne in a corner, because he doesn’t corner as well as most cross racers. I finished 1 second behind Powers, which felt really really good.


Durrin noho2

Powers has helped me out a lot the past year with training with me when he is home, teaching me a lot of his techniques and secrets that it took him 5 years to learn, and just being a really great mentor as I step up the ranks in cycling. So to be able to race with him and finish 1/2 in our local race, it just couldn’t have been any better.


Durrin noho3

The Sausage Tent did really well on day one and we were very busy the whole day. Thank you for coming out and drinking some beer and eating a sausage or two!


Durrin noho4

Day two was a very similar course with a really steep run up and a very rooty section up top. The course was a lot faster than day 1, or at least it felt that way. Same thing happened as the day before with an identical group racing at the front. We rode around at incredible crazy speeds, drifting corners and getting air on the rail road tracks. At some points during the race I was thinking to myself, “this is why I love cyclocross”. We were pushing it to the limit around every single corner and shuffling positions and attacking. It was just so much fun, in a crazy messed up painful way.


Durrin noho5

All it took was one very small mistake and you would be chasing. And that is exactly what happened to me with 2 laps to go when powers started really lifting the pace and stretching it out really good. I was in 3rd position and around one technical rooty corner, I clipped my pedal which caused my bike to jump and lose the chain for about 2 seconds. That was it. I was chasing back on to the back of the group at full gas. I caught back to the two guys who fell off the lead group of 3 and I was confident I could take the group win for 4th position. But Raphael Gagne crashed in the last corner causing Dylan and I to take crazy lines into the last corner, he came out victorious after we crashed into each other and I hit the ground.


Durrin noho6

Day two sausage sales were crazy! We almost sold out of everything we had. Which leaves me with about 25 sausages that I will now eat every single day for the rest of the month. Because sausages make you fast. I haven’t counted the bank from the weekend for the sausage tent, but I can tell you from looking at it that we were extremely successful. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting the JAM Fund.


Durrin noho7

My plans for the rest of the year include going to Kentucky this upcoming weekend to race against the top dogs in the country. Then finish off my New England season with Sterling and Warwick road island before making the trip to the motherland of cyclocross in December. Yes, I will be making the trip over to Belgium again this year to continue to push my development in the sport of cyclocross and see where I can take this crazy bike racing dream. I have lots of good news for next year to come soon, so stay tuned!

I am happy because Gabby is coming back to the US to check out the worlds course in KY this weekend. I get to see her sooner than we had originally planned, which is awesome because its hard to be away for such a long time! After KY we will have a full week together before she heads back to Belgium for the next world cup race in sandy Kojkside. Life is good.

USCR would like to thank Jeremy Durrin for sharing his blog with us and wish him continued success on the CX racing calendar.  You can also follow Jeremy Durrin at his website:

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