90 Seconds with American cycling Superstar, BMC’s George Hincapie

-by Rebecca Reza

-Photo © Celia Cole

George Hincapie is now in his 19 th season as cycling professional. At 38 years of age, he is one of the most accomplished American cyclists to date, and has tied records for the most start in races such as the classics Tour of Flanders and the Tour de France - having started 16 times. However, he is most known for being a super domestique, riding on all winning tour teams supporting Lance Armstrong, as well as Alberto Contador and Cadel Evans. USCR caught up with him for a quick chat before heading out with his BMC teammates for the last training ride before the start of the AMGEN Tour of California.

Rebecca and George
George Hincapie Talks to Rebecca

How much longer do we get to see you ride in the pro peloton?

I still feel good, so I am not sure.

What is your secret to staying young?

Hmm…I still have motivation, I still love and enjoy riding the bike. I have a great team that I like to be around. I have a great schedule too where I’m home a lot more than most pros and the team really trusts when I’m away for five weeks or a month. I’m at home, I’m working hard and I show up to the next race ready to race so I have that luxury and that helps me continue on a bit more than your average cyclist.

You’ve been a professional now for more than 16 years, how has technology changed the life of a pro cyclist?

The bikes have changed, monitoring the training has changed but really just training has changed a lot. Then communication - in the sense that the team is really able to track your training and monitor it from a far. You don’t have to have a coach with you all the time; you just download and upload your training daily so you can really keep track of what you’re doing. You can also take a break if you need to take it easy and not over do it so that’s helped a lot.

What traveling tips do you give to the younger guys?

Just the standard, always watch your hygiene. When I go to a race I always look at what tickets are best for me and send suggestions to the team which usually works out because there’s nobody better than yourself to know what’s the best way to get to some place and what’s the most convenient.

What is your most memorable win?

I’d have to say winning a stage in the Tour, it’s always nice to win in the US too, like in Colorado and the Tour of California, national championships at home is always nice.

You’ve seen the sport evolve here, what does it mean to you to see races like the AMGEN Tour of California, and the US Pro Cycling Championship to have such a huge response?

It’s great it’s really nice for us to be able to race in the US, gives us more time at home and gives us a chance to race in front of our fans and on our home turf.

Thank you & good luck this week!

Thank you!