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USCR Talks To Jelly Belly Pro Cycling p/b Kenda

An Interview With Jelly Belly Pro Cycling p/b Kenda Over Non-Invite

Jamie Naragon

Over the past six years, the colorful jerseys of Jelly Belly have raced through the hills and city streets of California alongside some of the world’s biggest cycling teams in Amgen’s annual Tour. This year, however, the US’s oldest domestic team was not one of the 11 teams from last year re-invited back to participate. USCR turned to Team Director Danny Van Haute, currently with the team in the Tour of Taiwain, for a response as well as a glimpse at ongoing season goals.

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An Interview with Jeremy Powers

USCR's Rebecca Reza Has A Chat With Jeremy Powers, Cyclist With Rhythm

Photo Credit Casey B. Gibson

While many other cyclists are hanging up their racing wheels for the winter, Jeremy Powers aka “JPow” exchanges his for cyclocross. I first sat down with him in the mist of a mid-May snowstorm in California, and again in Colorado a few months later. The man is a ball of positive energy; that seems to never wane. He wears multiple hats from road & cyclocross racing, to hosting his own GranFUNdo event every July, running a charity with a few friends and as if that wasn't enough, he stars in his documentary channel online called “Behind the Barriers.” All of this while jamming out to the latest electronic remix track he has found online. 

Rebecca Reza talks to Jeremy Powers in Colorado 2011

USCR's Rebecca Reza Talks With Jeremy Powers in Colorado



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USCR Talks With Maureen Bruno Roy

USCR's Mary Ruane Chats With Cyclocross Rider Maureen "Mo" Bruno Roy

USCR’s Mary Ruane had the opportunity to sit down with Maureen Bruno Roy (a.k.a. “Mo“), to discuss cyclocross. Mo is a massage therapist and has a private practice in Arlington, MA. She is married to Matt Roy, a professional bike mechanic, PhD candidate, and noted randonneur. Mo raced expert category Mountain bike in 1996 and 1997 and began her cyclocross career in 2003.

Mo Bruno Roy


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Johan Bruyneel Looking Ahead

Johan Bruyneel Talks About 2012

Used With Permission

It seems like every time you are on the lounge chair in Mallorca something big happens. One year, it's a call from the Kazakhs to manage Astana. Next year it's Lance's comeback and now another big opportunity.

JB: Yes, that's true! There's something about that lounge chair that brings new excitement to my life. Actually I was approached with this opportunity before Mallorca, but it fully came together when I was there. If I go there again next year, I can't imagine what's going to happen!

Bruyneel coaching whilst driving


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Interview: Ivan Basso

Basso enjoying his return to racing in the United States

Cycling fans from all over the region came out Thursday for the third stage in the inaugural USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Vail, Colorado.  The state is known for beautiful landscapes but it is also the epicenter for many professional athletes to train in the US.  Following the TT course packed with fans, one would have thought he was at the Tour de France and that wouldn’t be such a stretch since many of the top finishers, including the full podium, have chosen to come to Colorado to test their limits in the highest race in recent history. 

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