E-bikes Take a Step Forward

The company Benchmark Drives, known for developing high-end drive system components, will launch a new innovative drive system under the name „Neodrives“ at Eurobike. The system, developed and produced in Germany, delivers several innovations with its new rear motor system.

Neodrives Rear Motor
Neodrives Rear Motor


Neodrives Downtube Battery
Neodrives Downtube Battery

New drive system combines technology with design and functionality The new drive system „Made in Germany“, expresses itself through an innovative, high-precision optical sensor, as well as the multipoint thermosensor technology, which enable maximum operational safety and optimal power deployment.

The 250 Watt strong motor is equipped with a freewheel body and can be integrated into all common wheel sizes. The innovative sensor technology and the additional recuperation function pave the way for a much longer range.

Another system highlight is the TFT display, which in addition to a real time clock, a 8-language menu navigation and all common bike computer functions also offers a USB interface for easy software updates and service checks.

Three different capacity variations (9Ah, 11,25Ah or 15,5Ah) of a 36V downtube or carrier battery allow the client diverse variations to round out his system. The first “Neodrives” equipped e-bikes will be found at retail locations no later than


About Benchmark Drives:

The symbiosis of idea, experience and competence generates new products. In this case Benchmark Drives represents the development of high-end products and supports manufacturers from the e-mobility industry with their development projects through consultation with an eye for the big picture.

The software for the components plays an integral role for the power deployment, responsiveness and the durability of the complete system. Every product developed by Benchmark Drives therefore receives a specifically tailored software solution for maximum support and a comfortable riding feeling.

Serial products, like the Cube Epo, the Bulls Sturmvogel or the Simplon Silkcarbon, whose development was strongly shaped by Benchmark Drives, proof that the gathered experience and the technical know-how have already been  successfully applied in practice.