Thursday, March 30, 2017

Offbeat Cycling News

100-Year-Old Man Sets 100km Cycling Record

A 100-year-old Frenchman has set the record for the fastest centenarian to cycle 100 kilometres.  Robert Marchand, an amateur cyclist, finished the distance in 4 hours, 17 minutes, and 27 seconds, with little more than complaints about a sore bottom. 


100yo Frenchman sets record


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Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair Book Review

Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair by Daimeon Shanks

Book Review by Tom Baker

Bike mechanic Daimeon Shanks is more than qualified to write a book on bicycle maintenance and repair.  He has been a bike mechanic for Mavic Neutral Support, the Garmin-Transitions pro team, the head track mechanic for the US National Team and now is co-owner of The Service Course bike repair shop in Boulder.  


Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair


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More Than $520,000 Raised for Tree Research by Cyclists

Cyclists come together in week-long fundraising event for TREE Fund.

Portland, Ore. – More than 100 cyclists trekked 585 miles during the seven-day journey of the 2012 STIHL Tour des Trees, raising more than $520,000 to benefit the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund (TREE Fund). The Tour, sponsored by STIHL Inc., has raised more than $5.5 million since its inception in 1992 and continues to increase public awareness for the research necessary to keep our trees and forests thriving, including research quantifying the benefits of trees to the economy and the environment, studying ways to control diseases and pests, and increasing the survivability of new tree selections.

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Bridging The Gap August 13 - 19, 2012

Bridging the Gap with USCR's Amy Bush

-written by Amy Bush

As has become my practice, for whatever unexplained reason, I like to start my BTG reports with Mountain Biking. Perhaps it's a "save the best for last" type thing but it's hard to say. I've never seen a Mountain Bike race but I have a suspicion that I would really like it. Regardless, why change things now.

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